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    Advanced Insanity #001 - Francis
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    Fairytale Istanbul
Advanced Insanity
Advanced Insanity

Advanced Insanity

What are we going to find after all sanity is washed out by vivid color? What is there to be found under all the grey?
This collection of highly psychedelic illustrations is a play on color and mood, visualizing and altered state of mind.

Circles in the Water
Circles in the Water

Circles in the Water

This series was created while I was traveling through Latin America. With strong feelings that both attracted and deterred me from the new waters, I curiously set to work both in my new surroundings and in myself. The process became a complete circle with the water and the female body, which has always been my inspiration, with water in the oil medium and breaking with its own limitations, in the form of this collection.

80s Flashback - Polygon Edition
80s Flashback - Polygon Edition

80s Flashback - Polygon Edition

Do you remember the 80s? Maybe, maybe not... but how does an AI remember the 80s? After all it was not even there... Enjoy these unfiltered, exaggerated view of a colourful past.