Mobile cryptocurrency payments

Our mission is to facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrency by making payments easy,
cheap, fast, secure and accessible.

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What is PayRue?

We focus on the use of cryptocurrency
The purpose of the app is to make cryptocurrencies more usable in people's day to day lives.
Quick transfers
The world is becoming more and more interconnected, so it’s only right that our customers can transfer
Low commission
1% commission is our standard fee including network cost.
Supported Cryptocurrencies today
Bitcoin, Ether and IXT.
IXT Coin
To support further commercial development we have partnered with IXT and offer 0.5% commission when using IXT.
Mobile payment app that stands out

What can you do

Easy to use
Easy and convenient cryptocurrency transaction with PayRue over your
mobile or desktop. Transparent design
for quick navigation and usage that is
well suited for everyday life on the go.
Secure anywhere, anytime
Built using the Stellar Network, PayRue will send and transfer cryptocurrencies within seconds anywhere in the world using optimal development technology, security features and transferred
encrypted data.
All in one
The PayRue wallet allows you to seamlessly store and transfer cryptocurrencies. It allows you to
purchase and make payments with the PayRue supported cryptocurrencies.
Frequently asked questions
What is PayRue?
A: It is a cryptocurrency payment app.
What services does PayRue offer?
A: It allows you to transfer and pay with cryptocurrencies.
Can I use PayRue for shopping?
A: You can use PayRue for shopping if the merchants accepts transfers or scan code for goods or services.
Can I use PayRue to store cryptocurrencies?
A: Yes you can store them on your PayRue wallet.
What does it cost to use PayRue?
A: PayRue charge 1% transaction fee (this includes the network costs).
B. 0.5% transaction fee when you pay with IXT.
Is PayRue safe?
A: PayRue offers optimal safety by using secure software development lifecycle with separate secure crypto nodes, encrypted data transfers and further security features that allow customers piece of mind when it comes to storing and sending cryptocurrency.
What cryptocurrencies does PayRue accept?
A: Currently PayRue accepts Bitcoin, Ether and IXT.
About PayRue?
A: PayRue was founded in 2018 in London, UK by two of the co-founders of IXT Ltd, Mikael Olofson and Ingemar Svensson. The app is currently available in the Apple and Google Play Stores for EU, Ukraine, Russia, Singapore, South Korea and Japan.