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  • Monk | STTMOON #13
    Monk | STTMOON #13
    "He levitating????WOAHH" I read an article on the internet about monk that can levitate that they gain from meditation, I thought it's just a rumour 'till I saw it my self
  • Brandenburg Gates | STTMOON #12
    Brandenburg Gates | STTMOON #12
    Berlin, Germany. The gate, which is the first stop for tourists when visiting Germany, is a silent witness to some of the history that has happened in Berlin. But I'm glad that this gate has become a symbol of peace today.
  • St. Basil Cathedral | STTMOON #10
    St. Basil Cathedral | STTMOON #10
    St. Petersburg, Russia. After seeing many plain colored buildings in Europe, I finally saw European buildings that had many colors. This church is quite unique, at first I thought this building was a mosque because there were many domes.
  • TV | STTMOON #10
    TV | STTMOON #10
    "A working TV on the top of trash hill???? " Last night I went to the final trash disposal, looking dor something different and find a working tv on the top of the trash hill
  • Bullfight | STTMOON #9
    Bullfight | STTMOON #9
    Valdemorillo, Spain. Although it is controversial, the bullfighting tradition is quite interesting to me, a matador with a cloth challenges a bull who looks very angry. But none of the bull's attacks hit the matador.
  • Among Us | STTMOON #8
    Among Us | STTMOON #8
    "I see something kinda sus" He must have just been ejected by his friends
  • Sailing Ship | STTMOON #7
    Sailing Ship | STTMOON #7
    "that ship looks familiar to me, it's like a logo of something, hmmmmm.... " Went to a shore to capture this image of a ship that looks like Opensea logo, haha
  • Sagrada Familia | STTMOON
    Sagrada Familia | STTMOON
    "The construction of this church took 140 years? WOW!!" Barcelona, Spain. This Catholic church that designed by Antoni Gaudi is truly beautiful, the exterior and interior are very luxurious and majestic, so I'm not suprised if this church is a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. Hopefully this church will be completed in the planned time of 2026 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the death of Antoni Gaudi.
  • Eiffel Tower | STTMOON #5
    Eiffel Tower | STTMOON #5
    "This city really has a romantic atmosphere, no wonder many couples want to visit Paris" Paris, France. The icon of the city of Paris, everyone knows this tower. I took this picture from my hotel room after visiting the Eiffel tower, it's really beautiful isn't it?
  • Windmill | STTMOON #4
    Windmill | STTMOON #4
    Went to visit grandma's hometown, a village where the sky is very clean
  • UP | STTMOON #3
    UP | STTMOON #3
    "Mr. Fredricksen?? Is that you???" Last night I saw a giant shadow blocking the moonlight, godmn that's a house flying with a lot of balloons like the movie UP
  • UFO | STTMOON #2
    UFO | STTMOON #2
    "A UFO? What are they doing spying on earth, I hope they do nothing bad to us" Last night I saw a UFO and record it with my camera, the sound they made make me scared