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The Kangaroo

Australian icons, the kangaroo & wallaby is the face of the country. It is what tourists love to see, and here is just an example of how beautiful these animals are. These images taken over a number of years in different climates shows you how there sizes vary, and how adorable they are. 30% of proceeds from each NFT will go to Wildlife Victoria to help sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.









  • Sunset
    This is one of my favorite images I have taken of a kangaroo. The light was perfect, the dry grass in late spring, the color of the roo is beautiful, and just having the head poke up was really nice timing. I love how the eye has captured the sun.
  • Back Light
    Back Light
    The sun provides the perfect backlight for the roos on the beach, this guy sits there with great posture and poses for his portrait. It is still amazing how calm they are, and how close they come up to you being wild animals.
  • Paradise Bounce
    Paradise Bounce
    This is an amazing location. One of the only spots in Australia where every morning kangaroos and wallabies are on the beach. They come every morning as mangrove pods wash up on the beach every morning, and they feed on them. This was on my list to see and capture, and golden hour and kangaroos is always a win.
  • Close Up
    Close Up
    Could you come any closer?! :) This beautiful Kangaroo literally had its nose touching my lens, so friendly. She fogged up the lens when she exhaled. Such a lovely color fur too, the slight brown/red tinge that they have up in those parts of Australia.
  • Wallaby
    The soft sunrise come up over Wedge Island, a wallaby poses on the beach after eating some mangrove pods. So friendly for being wild animals. Wallabies are usually smaller than Kangaroos, and you can tell them apart as their face is slightly different as well.
  • Tall
    When you are standing in the middle of a field and these strong marsupials are much taller than you, it can be intimidating, especially the male on the right. He sticks his chest out, starts nodding his head as if to say, I'm here, I'm taller than you, don't do anything silly.
  • Together
    How's the balance!? This male sits back on his tail as they fight it out. It is quite amazing to see how strong the tails are. It gives them much more reach with their large feet to kick their opponent. I love trying to capture the fights between the males, they make loud grunting sounds. Its not just the larger/older roos that fight it out, even the really small ones throw fists as well.
  • Catch Up
    Catch Up
    This lone roo, races to catch up with his mates as they move down towards the grass that hasn't been touched for the morning. These guys can move usually around 25km per hour, but can get up to around 70km per hour.
  • Muscle
    Some of the Kangaroos you come across look ripped. This is a male who has recently been to the gym... Standing up on his legs getting the height advantage over me.
  • Cloudy Stare
    Cloudy Stare
    In the middle of winter, the fog hangs around quite often here in Victoria in the mornings. This kangaroo feeds on the tall wet grass just as the sun is coming up. He stares at me with those big ears as he chews his food.