Hey, Welcome to PayRue Freelancer

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Hey, Welcome to PayRue Freelancer!

Our aim is to support freelancers that want to get paid in cryptocurrencies. First out we offer avery easy invoice template that you can send as PDF.

If you are considering invoice in cryptocurrencies you probably aware of what coins is widelymost used we do recommend Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and USDC (a USD stablecoin).

PayRue Invoice

Step to create an invoice are

  • 1
    Register a KYC approved account with PayRue
  • 2
    Fill in the contact details of your employee
  • 3
    Description of work agreed on with date of invoice, time worked, description of work andamount to be invoiced
  • 4
    You can set the amount in EUR and convert it to eg BTC on the day of the invoice
  • 5
    Send Invoice and Save the file in PayRue

Freelance FAQ:

We have listed a few FAQ that we think might arise while your are
considering sending aninvoice to be paid in cryptocurrencies

What if I send an Invoice in BTC and employee don’t have any cryptocurrencies?

Then only answer here is that they will need to open an account to buy BTC eg https://payrue.com/signup

What if the price of eg BTC have moved and my invoice of BTC is not the same as when I did send it?

You will always use the EUR as base conversion, so if BTC price has changed when you getting paid the employee will adjust the BTC/EUR price on the day they are paying you!

What is the tax situation with cryptocurrencies?

This is still very much a national tax issue pending on where you live we do recommend to investigate that before start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies!

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